What is the Best Product to Clean Natural Stone in North Las Vegas, NV & What Cleaners Should You Not Use?

Everyone wants to keep their high touch surfaces clean from bacteria and germs. They also want a low maintenance that doesn’t require constant cleaning. Natural stone is an ideal option. This type of material is durable. Natural stone is porous material, which means it has tiny holes or pores that allow water and air to go into the stone. Not like a sponge it cannot consume large amounts of liquid such as water or bacteria. This is why it is critical for natural stone to be sealed. If you have beautiful natural stone in your home, you will want to know care tips for keeping your natural stone beautiful and Silver State Floor Restoration list some helpful tips below.

How Do You Keep Natural Stone Shiny?

• Use soap and water to kill those nasty germs
You will find lots of products that advertise to kill viruses and bacteria. It is important to remember that these products contain chemicals that will end up damaging your natural stone seal. You don’t want that kind of clean. Once your natural stone seal is no longer sealed it can let germs and bacteria in and start to grow inside your natural stone’s pores. Experts recommend you use simple soap and water to kill germs off your natural stone surface.
• Use natural stone cleaners
Soap and water can kill germs from your natural stone surfaces but also leave a soapy scum.
After washing use a natural stone cleaner to remove the streaks left behind. These products keep surfaces clean without harsh chemicals.
• Avoid damaging ingredients
You should never use just use any cleaning product to clean your natural stone. They can break the seal on the natural stone. Expects have said to avoid products that contain the following -vinegar or lemon juice – acids such as bathroom, grout, and tile cleaners – abrasive cleaners
• Minimize contamination
Best way to avoid germs and bacteria on natural stone countertops is by using cutting boards in the kitchen. It is important to not cut meats, vegetables and fruits on top of natural stone countertops. The food can seep into the pores of your natural stone causing germs and contamination. After use of cutting boards clean the countertops after every use.
For crusted on food use a brush with soft bristles cleaning in a circular motion to avoid scratching the surface.
• Seal Natural Stone
As a homeowner that wants to keep the natural stone in your home looking it’s very best. Make sure your natural stone is sealed. It can stop particles and germs from seeping into the natural stone. It is recommended to have this done every five years.

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If you have tried or are unsure of your ability to clean your natural stone surface and want help cleaning or sealing of your natural stone, contact us at Silver State Floor Restoration where we offer quality service. We will make your natural stone beautiful and clean again.

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