What is the Best Way to Clean Natural Stone Floors & Counters in Lone Mountain Village, NV?

Taking care of your natural stone floor can be easy if it is done correctly. If it is done incorrectly, then you will have problems with your floor. Following these few guidelines can help you understand the proper way to take care of your natural stone and can help it continue to look beautiful over the years. Silver State Floor Restoration offers helpful tips below.

Sweep or Vacuum with Soft Brushes Often

You want to remove the dust or dirt from your natural stone floor by sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush. Soft brushes are important so you do not scratch your floor. Vacuuming and sweeping can help remove the daily dirt that will come onto your stone floor. Do not sweep or vacuum with wet mud, it will just spread throughout the house. Wait until it dries before you try to vacuum or sweep it up. Natural stone can be good at disguising the day-to-day dirt, but you want to make sure that you clean up the dirt so that it does not ruin your natural floor.

Mop Tile Flooring

While mopping can be good, when it comes to natural tile, we recommend only doing it on occasion. Mopping your floor too often can start to take the sealant off of the grout and tile. If you are mopping, make sure you use a pH natural floor cleaner so that you do not ruin your natural stone. Also, make sure all of the excess mud, dirt, and dust is cleaned off beforehand so that it does not scratch the floor. When it comes to mopping your floor, less is better.

Use Natural Stone Cleaners

When we talked about mopping, we mentioned using a PH natural floor cleaner. The reason why you want to use a natural floor cleaner instead of harsh or commercial cleaners such as bleach and acid is that if acid gets on natural stone it will eat away the sealant, and eventually the stone. Natural stone is stone from the Earth, like limestone, sandstone, and marble. So, anything acid such as cleaners, lemon, or vinegar is bad for your stone.

Spot Clean Tile Floors

While you need to be careful with floor cleaners because they can eat away your natural stone, you also want to make sure that you spot-clean your floors as much as possible. You also need to spot clean, because if anything acidic such as wine, orange juice, coffee, lemon, or even pet urine gets on your natural stone it can eat away at your stone. This is why you want to spot clean as soon as spills happen, so your stone does not get ruined.

Reseal Natural Stone

You must seal your natural tile floor. When your tile floors are getting installed, they will seal that natural stone. But you want to reseal your stone every 4 to 6 years. If you have natural stone in a bathroom you may want to reseal it more often because there are more moisture levels in the air. If you are wondering if it is time to reseal your floor, put a little water on your floor and see if it will soak up. If it soaks into your tile, then it is time to reseal your floor.

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Following these guidelines for natural stone can help keep your natural stone tile looking great for many years to come. If it is time to reseal your floor, or you are having any other issues with your natural stone floor, then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call.

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