What Should You Not Clean Tile With in Rancho Bel Air, NV; Abrasive Cleaners & More

Cleaning can be tiring and hard sometimes. Maybe you have one type of cleaner that you clean everything in your house. If you have tile in your kitchen or your bathroom, you may not realize that you are making cleaning mistakes on your tile. Silver State Floor Restoration wants to let you know what some common mistakes are when it comes to cleaning the tile.

Avoid Using Abrasives Tile Cleaners

Many people think that using abrasive cleaners will clean your floors better, but that is not the case. When you use abrasive cleaners, such as steel wool or wire brushes, it can damage the surface of your tile. Abrasive cleaners can also come in powders, liquids, and pads. These types of cleaners will scratch or dull the tile surface, making it easier for dirt and grime to get into your tile. The best thing to use is tile cleaner which is meant for tile.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals on Tile

While abrasive cleaners are bad for your tile, so are harsh chemicals. Such as bleach and ammonia. When you use harsh chemicals on your tile it will strip away the sealant that is on your tile. Your tile can then become more prone to stains or discoloration and your grout can start to crumble and break away. If you need to clean your tiles then use cleaners that are for mild tiles.

Not Sweeping Regularly is a Mistake

If you are not sweeping and vacuuming your tile regularly, then dirt, dust, and grime will start to build up on your tile. When this happens, then your tile will start to fade and look dull. Not only will it make your tile fade and become dull if you let it go too long without cleaning it will damage your tile floor. It is important that you sweep or vacuum regularly to keep your tile healthy.

Tiles Not Being Sealed is Regrettable

When you seal your tile, it will protect your tile from stains, water damage, and dirt. When you first put in your tile, it is most likely sealed. But many people forget that it needs to be resealed over the years. When your tile is not sealed it can get ruined and stained. Tile and grout are very porous so if it is not sealed those liquids can seep into the tile and crack the grout. Sealing your tile and grout can be very easy to do if you want to do it yourself or you can hire a professional to come in and seal it for you.

Not Cleaning Spills is an Error

Everyone knows spills happen, no matter how careful you are, spills can happen. It’s usually not a big deal if it is cleaned up right away. But if a spill happens and it is left too long, then it can stain your tile. If you have dark liquid such as coffee or soda sitting on your tile for too long, then it can start to stain and discolor your tile. Cleaning up your spills quickly can help keep your tile from damaging and becoming discolored.

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Following these few tips can help you avoid tile cleaning mistakes. If your tile needs a deep cleaning then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call and we can come clean and reseal your tile.

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