What is the Best Way to Clean Really Dirty Tile in Providence, NV? Get Rid of Dust & More

Spring is the time to clean and get your house back to the way you want it. Looking down at your tile you may notice it is time for a good cleaning. Getting it professionally cleaned is wonderful. You want to make sure that you clean it and take care of it properly in between the times of being professionally cleaned. Silver State Floor Restoration will go over a few tips so that you know the correct way to clean your tile.

Get Rid of Dust

Your floor will start to develop dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris within even a few days. You may even start to see grime buildup on your tile floor. The first thing you should do before you start with water and cleaners is to vacuum or dust your floor. Microfiber cloth is great at cleaning up dirt, dust, and debris.

Just Water Can Help Clean Tile

Don’t underestimate the power of just cleaning with water. Fill a bucket full of warm water. Grab your microfiber cloth or any cloth or mop that will work and soak it in the water. Wring the water out, always remember to wring it out. You don’t want a lot of water on your tile. Then, with light strokes wipe off or mop your ceramic tile. Always remember to wring out the dirty water from your clothes often so that you are not just wiping dirt around the floor.

Just a Little Bit of Tile Cleaner

Even though just using water can go a long way it still may not be enough if you have a large buildup of grime. If water is not doing the job, then you can add a little bit of cleaner to help get rid of the grime. These cleaners should not be harsh chemicals or detergents. Anything that has ammonia, bleach, or acid will hurt your grout over time. You may not notice it causing problems on your grout when you first use it but if you use it regularly, it will start having negative effects.

General Tile Cleaners

It is so easy and convenient to go to the grocery store and pick up general-purpose cleaners. But many household cleaners have soap in them that will leave a residue, making it harder for you to clean over time. Instead, you can use specific tile cleaners that clean your tile and do not leave behind that residue. To keep your tile at its best, you can talk to a professional, such as one from Silver State Floor Restoration, and see what they recommend for your type of tile.

Have a Professional Clean Tile

It is so much easier to hire a professional to come and clean your tile instead of you being on the floor with a toothbrush trying to get rid of that dirt and grime. A professional has the correct tools, and the correct cleaners, and can get your tile cleaned fast, and correctly and make it look beautiful.

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Following these few spring cleaning tips can help you keep your tile clean longer in between professional tile cleanings. Cleaning your tile the correct way can also help keep your tile healthier longer. If it is time for professional cleaning give Silver State Floor Restoration a call.

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