What is the Difference Between Honed & Polished Granite & Other Natural Stone in Rhodes Ranch, NV?

Conveying luxury, class, and timeless beauty, both honed and polished stone. Though sometimes honing and polishing is used interchangeably, they have distinct differences in many ways, including appearance. To ensure you select the right option for your natural stone tiles, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss the differences in each type of these finishes to help you know which is honing and which is polishing.

Honed Stone

The once shiny surface that has been ground away is honed stone. The surface is then left a flat, matte surface. The stone is left porous, so honed stone absorbs liquid. When compared to a polished surface, it looks natural and light. You may see a softer luminescence reflected if in the event you look directly at the stone while standing. As it removes the shine and reflective qualities, the act of honing is to grind the stone down.
Honing Levels Include Matte and Satin. The least amount of reflective qualities is associated with matte honed stone. If in the event it is directly overhead when you look straight down directly at it, you will likely see a slight glow of a light source. A satin-honed stone shows more reflection by contrast. When looking at the satin stone surface, you might be able to discern the outline of a light source.
The Common Honed Stone Applications. Excellent places to apply honed stone are heavy traffic areas. Such examples of honed uses include:
– Foyer
– Floors
– Stairs
– Hallways

Polished Stone

A natural shine comes off polished stones. Polished marble is one good example. You can see your reflection and you will be able to discern the identity of light sources when you look at it.
The depth of colors and veins throughout the design is what is also visible. It is not as porous as honed stone, as polished stone repels water. In order to give it a glossy appearance, the act of polishing the stone is executed.
Polished Stone Common Applications. Being perfect for polished stone finishes are surfaces that you want to highlight. Top examples include:
– Countertops
– Tables
– Sink tops
– Fireplaces

Durability of Natural Stone

The type of stone determines its toughness, though both honed and polished stone surfaces are durable. Granite for example, is naturally a strong stone. Polishing or honing it can add an extra buffer against stains, moisture, and scratches. When it comes to specific stones however, sealants should be used accordingly to provide extra protection from stains and moisture buildup.

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