What Should You Not Clean Grout With & Other Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Paradise, NV

For many homeowners, having tile flooring in your home is a no brainer. It is one of the most durable types of flooring you can choose. When you choose tile floors, you know that they will last for years to come if you care for and maintain them properly. Even though they are incredibly durable, it is important to know that you have to clean them properly or you might end up with damage to your flooring that can be costly to repair. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to share some common grout cleaning mistakes that homeowners often make so that you can avoid making them when cleaning your tile and grout.

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Tile Grout

Every homeowner knows how important it is to keep your home clean. It can have a big impact on how well certain surfaces in your home hold up. The flooring in your home needs to be cleaned regularly regardless of what type of flooring you might have. When you have tile flooring, you want to make sure you’re cleaning it properly to avoid causing damage to the porous grout lines that hold your tile floor together. Here are some common grout cleaning mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning your tile floors:
– Using a Dirty Mop & Mop Water: It should speak for itself when we say that a dirty mop and dirty mop water aren’t going to help you clean your tile flooring. While it might not seem like a very big deal, using dirty water and a dirty mop to clean your tile can cause harm to the grout. It can lead to dingy stains in your grout lines.
– Cleaning with Muriatic Acid: This is an extremely powerful cleaning agent that is often used to clean the surface of pools. It is so powerful that it can cause damage to your tile floors when you use it to clean them. You are better off using chemicals that are safe for tile and grout surface.
– Using Vinegar to Clean Tile & Grout: Vinegar is one of the best cleaning solutions that many people have lying around the house. While it can be used to clean many surfaces, it shouldn’t be used to clean your tile and grout flooring. The acid in vinegar can break down the grout in your floor.
– Using Bleach to Clean Tile Floors: Bleach is another chemical that can be hard on your grout. It will not only start to cause erosion, but it can also cause discoloration that will be permanent. When discoloration happens from using bleach to clean your floors, it can be corrected when you call on professionals for help.

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