Why is My Tile Turning Yellow in Providence, NV? Poor Quality Cleaning Products, Iron in Water & More

Having tile that looks clean can be a huge factor when it comes to how your house can look. If your tile is starting to look yellow, then your house can start to look dirty. There are many things that can cause your tile to look yellow not just neglecting to clean your tile. Silver State Floor Restoration will go over a few of the things that make your tile turn yellow so that you know how to prevent it.

Poor Quality Tile Cleaning Products

If you are using poor quality cleaning products or abrasive cleaning products, such as bleach, then it can turn your white tile yellow over time. Abrasive cleaning products can damage the surface and even discolor the grout. The best thing you can do before you purchase cleaners is do your research to make sure that you are buying the correct product. If you are looking for grout cleaners make sure you use the grout-specific cleaner. The correct cleaner can help your tile and grout versus ruining it.

Iron Levels in Water

If you have done everything to make sure that you do not get yellow tile but your title still is turning yellow then it could be your water. If you have too much iron in your water, then it can lead to your tiles turning yellow. If this is a concern, then you can get your home water tested and you can install a water filter to help eliminate the iron in your water.

External Factors

External factors, such as abrasive cleaners, which we talked about, and dyes can lead to yellowing tiles. Along with these shampoos, body wash, and soaps, can cause your tile to change color. You also want to avoid cigarettes, hairspray, or any other harmful products around your tile. There are products out there that are safe to be around tile and can help increase the lifespan of your tile.

Tile Sealant Can Help Prevent Yellow Tile

A very helpful thing you can do is apply a sealant to your tile. A sealant can help prevent your tiles from turning yellow. Even though you have a sealant, you still need to get your tile professionally cleaned. Getting your tile professionally cleaned can get rid of mold and debris that could be causing your tile to turn yellow.

Deep Cleaning Grout

Cleaning the grout can go a long way in protecting your tile color and keeping it looking great. Some helpful tips are to scrape off the debris and detergent with a safety razor, then spray the tile with a non-bleach degreaser. Wearing safety gloves, scrub the tile with a sponge. Use some hot water and clean the entire surface, then rinse the floor with more warm water. This can help keep your grout clean.

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If you have tried all of your cleaning methods, and your tile is not becoming clean and continues to be yellow. Call a professional to come deep clean your tile and grout, restoring it to its natural, beautiful color and shine. Silver State Floor Restoration wants you to have a clean beautiful home with the tile and color you purchased, not having it turn a yellow color. Don’t wait any longer to get your tile cleaned. Give us a call and we will come and get your tile back to the color you want.

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