What Should You Not Use on Marble in Paradise, NV? Is Vinegar Safe or Corrosive? Can I Use Sandpaper & More

Many homeowners choose marble finishes in their home because of the luxury and beauty that the stone has to offer. While it is luxurious and beautiful, it can also be a natural stone that is easily damaged. While it is a seemingly hard stone, it can be damaged in several other ways. Often times, the damage occurs because of mistakes made by homeowners. Silver State Floor Restoration Restoration is here to talk about some of the mistakes that homeowners often make with their marble.

Why Should Vinegar Not be Used to Clean Marble?

Many people know that vinegar does a great job at cleaning many surfaces in their homes. While this is true, there are some surfaces that you should never use vinegar to clean a marble surface. The acidity that is found in vinegar can cause etching in marble. It essentially burns into the marble surface. Any cleaners that you use on your marble have to pH level of 7 which is neutral. This is an instance where a natural cleaner isn’t the answer to cleaning your marble surfaces. Marble isn’t the only stone that you can’t use vinegar on either. You should avoid using vinegar on travertine and limestone as well.

Protect Marble Floor with Doormats

Some people may think that because marble is a solid stone, it can withstand heavy traffic and there is no need for floormats at the entrances into your home. There are many abrasive materials that can get tracked in on the bottom of shoes that will end up scratching the marble floor though. Having a floormat that is large enough for any guests to take their first 2-3 steps on it will help get rid of any debris that is found on the bottom of shoes. To really protect your marble floor, have shoes removed from feet when people come inside the door.

Never Use Sandpaper or Scouring Pad on Marble

Sometimes, when people see that the marble has been etched by something like a harsh cleaner, their first instinct is to try and scrub the mark away. This can only make matters worse. You should avoid using anything abrasive on your marble floor to clean it. You should use a mild soap, warm water and a washcloth to keep your marble floor clean.

What Happens if You Don’t Seal Marble?

It is important that you have your marble flooring cleaned professionally to keep them well maintained. Anytime you have your marble cleaned, you need to have it sealed to give it the protection it needs from the debris that usually winds up on the floor.

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