What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors & How to Clean Wood Flooring in Spring Valley, NV

Wood floors are a wonderful addition to any room’s overall design. They increase value and look amazing. But as with any flooring options, they have their fair share of dirt, debris and all manner of particulates that is dropped and dragged in on the bottom of shoes. Granule substances and moisture are the wood floor’s weakness; as a result any spills need to be tended to immediately and removing the debris should be done daily or as frequently as possible to prevent damage. Your wood floors will last a long time an in excellent condition with the proper care and maintenance. But like most surface, they eventually need more attention than a quick surface cleaning. In an effort to help you conduct the mopping duties of your wood floors as sparingly as possible, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer a method to get it done efficiently.

How to Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Remember that you should always wipe any spills as they occur to prevent moisture damage and to remove the debris from the surface to avoid scratches and expediting the wear of your finish. But from time to time when the floor needs a good washing, follow the steps below. Gather the following items:
– Use any of the following: Soft Bristled Broom, Dust Mop, or Vacuum (hard surface vacuum or a vacuum with a bare floor setting to avoid damage).
– Furniture Pads
– Bucket of warm water with a squirt of mild liquid dish soap.
– Microfiber Cloths
– Microfiber Mop (unless you prefer mopping by hand).

Tips for Mopping Wood Floor:

1) Empty the Floor Space. To clean the floors more effectively, remove all the rugs and as much furniture as possible. Avoid any scuff marks and scratches by putting moving pads on the bottom of the furniture.
2) Clear Off the Debris. Use your preferred choice of dust mop, broom, or vacuum to efficiently remove all of the dust and debris, particularly around the edges and corners where it collects.
3) Wash with the Wood Grain. Mop the floor in sections for efficiency and to mop and dry the floor to avoid allowing the moisture to linger for too long. Use bucket of warm soapy water and microfiber cloth or mop to wash polyurethaned wood floors. Ensure to use smooth strokes as you wash the floor with grain of the wood. After you mop a section, promptly follow it up with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the moisture.
On wood floors that are lacquered or shellacked, do not use water; otherwise staining and buckling can occur. Instead, utilize a cleaner specifically designed to clean hardwood and engineered wood floors.
4) Extra Buff. With a dry microfiber cloth use circular motions with light pressure as you dry the floors and remove the soapy water wood cleaner residues.
5) Extra Shine. Typically, mopping and buffing the floors will restore the shine, but if it needs additional shine, apply an approved wood floor polish and follow the directions on the label. When using commercial products always follow the directions, never use abrasive tools and stay away from harsh chemicals. Ensure the floor is completely dry before replacing the furniture and rugs.

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