Importance of Professional Cleaning of Greasy Restaurant Floors in Silverado Ranch, NV

Any restaurant owner knows that providing fantastic service and making sure your customers are happy is the best way to have a successful business. This can be easier said than done. Great meals at a great price are important, but so is having a clean environment. In fact, it’s required by regulatory agencies. All restaurants have inspections to ensure that the restaurant is well maintained. If minimum sanitary standards aren’t maintained, the restaurant can get fined, or worse, shut down.

Importance of Cleanliness in Restaurants

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant and must be pristine, but with all that goes on in the kitchen, it’s bound to get a buildup of grease and dirt. The right tile and grout cleaning and sealing is necessary to keep your customers happy and coming back. Keeping the kitchen in a restaurant clean is difficult because tile and grout can collect significant amounts of grease, making the entire kitchen look dirty. To prevent it from getting out of control, have it professionally cleaned and sealed on a regular basis.

How to Keep Hard Floors Clean

1. Eliminate grease. Grease buildup attracts rats, flies and other pests that can create an unsanitary environment that can lead to costly fines. Use a degreaser and hire professionals to remove grease buildup effectively to keep pests away. Greasy floors also create a slipping hazard that can lead to workers condensation claims and cost you more money.
2. Maintain tile grout. Make sure the grout in your establishment is in good condition. Cracked grout or missing pieces of grout can allow grease to seep even deeper in the floor. More and more grease will collect and be even harder to remove. Restaurant bathrooms get a lot of foot traffic and humidity that can cause mold and mildew to grow. This can turn customers off and affect inspection results.
3. Use correct cleaners. It’s important to use the right cleaners on tile and grout. Some of the cleaners you can buy at the store have strong chemicals in them. If they aren’t used correctly, they can damage your floors. Less aggressive cleaners can be used after the floors and cleaned and sealed.
4. Seal tile and grout. To keep tiles and grout water- and oil-resistant, seal them with an impregnating sealer. Sealing floor makes them easier to clean, prevents grease buildup and keeps unwanted pests away. This of course helps you avoid fines come inspection time.
5. Hire professional hard floor cleaners. The services of professional tile and grout cleaning can do wonders for the floors in your restaurant. Scheduling an appointment is the best way to take your restaurant’s cleaning and maintenance to the next level. Let the pros do the hard work while you reap the benefits!

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Keeping the floors in your restaurant clean doesn’t need to seem like an impossible task. Spending money to hire professionals makes good economic sense because you will avoid fines down the road and be more likely to retain patrons. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration today!

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