Why Homemade Natural Stone Cleaner is Not a Good Idea in Enterprise, NV; Damage, Remove Sealant & More

If you have spent much time on the internet, learning about the natural stone in your home, chances are, you have seen many people are making their own natural stone cleaners. These recipes may tote that they are more environmentally friendly than others or they are more cost effective than some you can buy. However, what they don’t say is that they can be dangerous to your natural stone. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about why a DIY natural stone cleaner isn’t your best option.

Homemade Cleaners Can Damage Natural Stone

When it comes to cleaning your natural stone, you need to know that not all cleaners are safe for your natural stone surfaces. While they may be hard and seem like they are indestructible, they can sustain damage quite easily depending on the stone you are working with. Any cleaners that have bleach, vinegar or ammonia in them, aren’t going to be a safe option to clean your natural stone. These cleaners can cause etchings, staining and other damage to your beautiful stone. The damage they cause isn’t something that can be reversed either. The damage will be permanent.

Wrong Stone Cleaner is Not Effective

Anytime you are using a cleaning solution, you obviously want it to actually clean the surface you are spraying it on. If you are cleaning a bathroom or kitchen, there is a real concern about bacteria and other harmful things found on the natural stone surface. A good cleaner will have the potency needed to kill the harmful substances that are found on these surfaces while homemade cleaners won’t be potent enough to get the job done most of the time.

DIY Cleaners Can Remove Sealant

Many natural stone surfaces require sealing to keep them protected from food, debris and other substances that could end up causing damage. The last thing you want is a cleaning solution that you made to strip this protective sealer off of your natural stone. Without the sealant, your stone is susceptible to damage that could otherwise be avoided.

Only Use Safe Natural Stone Cleaners

When selecting natural stone cleaners, you should be looking for one that is specifically formulated to clean natural stone without causing any damage in the process. You should look for cleaner that will cover these three challenges:
– Stain Lifter
– Daily Cleaner
– Sealant Enhancer

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If you have natural stone surfaces in your home, of course you want to keep them as clean as possible. If you are struggling to do so, you can turn to Silver State Floor Restoration to help you find the right cleaner to get you by between our professional natural stone cleaning service appointments. Don’t forget that your natural stone should be professionally cleaned, polished and sealed to help extend its life and preserve its beauty. Call us today!

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