Natural Stone Myths in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Is it a Good Investment & Durable? Does it Stain & More

Have you heard things about natural stone and are wondering if they are true or not? If you are looking into putting the natural stone in your home or if you have it in your home and are wondering if it is worth keeping it. Then you probably have some questions you need to be answered before you make any changes. Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you learn the myths of natural stone and help you learn the truth.

Does Natural Stone Stain Easily?

Have you heard that natural stone can stain easily? That is not completely true. Yes, natural stone can stain but a lot of stains can be avoided if you act quickly. If you spill something on your natural stone and clean it up as soon as it happens, then that accident won’t stain your stone. Just make sure you use the right cleaner. You don’t want to cause a problem when trying to avoid one. One amazing thing is, you can completely avoid worrying about stains altogether if you put a natural stone sealer on your stone. Sealing the natural stone will prevent the spill from absorbing into the stone.

Is Natural Stone Durable?

Natural stone didn’t form over the past millennia under intense heat and pressure just to break down over a few decades of use inside your home. The natural stone that is found in ancient architecture is still standing today in places like Greece and Egypt. How cool is that? Natural stone is a great stone to put in your home and have it last. If you make sure you take care of it, it will last even longer.

Does Natural Stone All Look the Same Color & Pattern?

Natural stone gets a bad rap for being the same color. Oftentimes people think it all looks the same. But there are virtually endless possibilities of color and patterns in natural stone. There is granite, marble, limestone, Travertine, Quartzite, etc. Each of these stones comes in different colors and has different and beautiful patterns in them.

Does Natural Stone Increase Home Value?

If you are worried if it is worth the money or worried it will go out of style. That is not something you should worry about. Natural stone flooring and countertops have consistently remained in high demand over the past few decades. As previously stated above, it lasts a long time. Investing in natural stone will help your home continue to look nice and updated as long as you take care of it. It will be worth the money you would spend to get the natural stone in your home and it even adds home value!

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Don’t let the myths of natural stone turn you away from wanting that in your home. If you already have it in your home and want help making it look beautiful again. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you understand more about natural stone. We will come out to your home and clean and restore that stone back to the beautiful state it started in. Call us today!

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