Why is My Tile Grout Discolored in Mountain’s Edge, NV? How to Fix with Regrouting, Sealing, Recoloring & More

Is your beautiful kitchen or bathroom floor not looking so beautiful anymore? Is the grout starting to be a different color than when you first installed it? Do you know what could have caused it? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you learn and understand what can cause your floor to become discolored.

Dirt, Mold & Mildew Trapped in Porous Grout

Dirt, mold, and mildew can definitely discolor your grout. Have you ever noticed black starting to grow around your shower/tub? That is what the mold looks like. Mold and mildew can grow on your grout when it is not cleaned and dried properly. If you have left a spill on the kitchen floor, water can get into the grout and mold will start growing there as well. Now having dirty floors or muddy floors can be cleaned, the problem lies when that dirt and mud get into the grout. This will make the grout appear discolored, making it hard to ever look clean.

Hard Water Stains on Grout

The hard water left on your grout can discolor it. It can turn it brownish color if not cleaned. The hard water leaves a layer of calcium and iron behind. When not cleaned properly it can start to discolor over time, making your once white tile appear brown.

Dog Pee Can Soak into Grout

Pet accidents are something that all pet owners hate having to deal with. To make it even worse, when urine is left on your tile and grout without being cleaned up in a timely manner it can stain your grout. A pet’s urine PH levels left untreated can rise to a PH of 10-12. That is the same level as the ammonia solution. When that happens it will discolor your tile making it hard to restore the natural color of your tile.

Wrong Cleaners Can Discolor Grout

Often times when we are trying to clean our floors and our grout we unknowingly use the wrong cleaner for the job. Ammonia and bleached-based grout cleaning solutions can strip the color out of the grout, causing an irregular appearance. When you are using other cleaning agents, these may settle into the grout and act as a magnet for dirt and grime. This can make it have a darker, dull appearance on your grout. Make sure you get the right cleaner for your grout. You don’t want to make things worse in your attempt to make it look better.

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Keeping your grout looking clean can be such a headache. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you get your tile clean the way you want it. We are also here to help you learn and understand the best ways to keep your hard floors clean and looking like new. Call us today!

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