Why is my Residential Tile and Grout So Dirty and How Can I Clean it?

Most people choose to use tile as the flooring in their kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. This is because these areas are more likely to have water that will spill and that would cause damage to carpets. The tile can easily be dried and cleaned up with no damage to the tile, grout or subflooring. Some people even choose to do entry ways that lead in from the outside where most of the dirt and grime from shoes gets in. The dirt and grime is easier to remove from the tile and grout than it is to remove from a carpeted area. That does not mean that the tile and grout stay clean or that it is a quick and simple job to get them clean. Tile and grout cleaning is serious business and can take a lot of time. Knowing how to do it right and using the right technique and cleaning materials can make all the difference in the world.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration outlines how tile and grout get dirty and what you can do to have your tile and grout cleaned.

The tile is the surface that is slightly higher than the grout line. That means that the tile will be the flush surface that will be in contact with shoes and other objects that can be dirty. The dirt and grime can also come from spills that are dropped on them. Even though the tile gets the most traffic dirt the grout really takes the brunt. The grout works as a channel that collects all the spills and that is what stains and seeps into the grout. The grout can get dirty while you clean too. The water and cleaner that you use to clean the tile will leak into the grout that is at a lower point and will settle there. If you do not go behind your mopping job and wipe it all up quickly you will eventually have dirty grout that can become extremely discolored.

How to Clean Floor Tiles and Grout Lines

The tile and grout can be cleaned with some common household items that are found every day. You will need to have vinegar, water and baking soda. The vinegar and water is a great way to get the tile cleaned naturally. The ammonia will leave no streak marks on the floor. When you are ready to clean the grout you want to mix the baking soda and water to make a paste that you can put on the grout and let set. After it has set for a few minutes you can use a scrub brush to work the paste in and remove the dirt and grime. Clean up with a fresh clean rag and warm water.

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