How to Degrease, Clean & Shine Ceramic Tile & Grout Countertops in Tuscany Village, NV

Throughout the years there are always trends that come and go in society. Those trends affect fashion, hairstyles, cars, homes, education and more. One trend that was popular for a long time was tile countertops in your kitchen and bathroom. While tile countertops add a cool design element they also tend to be extremely hard to keep clean. If you have tile countertops in your home do you have a good system for keeping them clean? If not, Silver State Floor Restoration has some ideas for you today.

Wipe Down Countertops to Degrease & Keep Clean

Not only will keeping your tile countertops clean help them look so much nicer, it will also help bacteria from getting into your grout. The grout in your tile is porous which allows bacteria and microorganisms an opportunity to get into it. Many of the materials that get onto your countertops are not sanitary. Think of all of the different meals that you prep on your kitchen countertops. Do you really want the bacteria from your raw chicken or other foods to get into your grout? Our first tip may seem like common sense but many people simply do not think about it. You should wipe down your countertops after every time that you use them. Even if you do not think that you got anything unsanitary on them you would be amazed at what the eye cannot see. Simply taking the time to wipe the countertops down will help you get rid of the majority of the dirt and germs as well as help prevent your countertops from getting stained.

Deep Clean Tile & Grout Countertops

You will also want to frequently clean your tile countertops with a good cleaner. You can purchase a tile cleaner at your local grocery or hardware store or you can make your own. If you want to make your own simply combine 1 2/3 cups baking soda, ½ cup liquid dish soap, ½ cup water, and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Use whatever solution you prefer and then get started cleaning. Make sure that you get all of the nooks and crannies on the tile and grout nice and clean every time.

Clean Tile Grout Lines Often

You will also need to clean your grout regularly. Your grout is actually the dirtiest part of your tile countertop. You will want to purchase a grout cleaner for optimal results. You may also use a mild bleach solution. Many people wear gloves when they are cleaning their grout because the cleaners/bleach can irritate your skin. Take the cleaner or bleach and put it on your grout. If your grout has lots of stains on it you will want to let it sit on the grout for about 10 minutes before you continue. Then you will want to use a toothbrush or a small scrub brush to scrub the grout. Start at one corner of the counter and methodically work your way across the surface. This will help get rid of any mildew that has started to accumulate in your grout. You do not want to scrub the tile since the brush could scratch the tile depending on the material. When you are done cleaning the grout you will want to rinse your counter and the grout with hot water. This will get rid of any of the chemicals left from your cleaning supplies.

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Most homeowners will also seal their grout. Sealing the grout helps protect your grout from coming out as well as help it resist stains, dirt, and mildew. Silver State Floor Restoration offers tile and grout cleaning services. After we are done cleaning your tile countertops thoroughly we can also seal your grout for you. Remember that the better you take care of your tile countertops they longer that they will last you. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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