How to Make Dull Granite Shine in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Use Right Natural Stone Cleaners & More

When you are choosing flooring for your home there are many options that might work out great. You can choose to have some areas that are carpeted so that it creates some warmth and comfort. You can have other areas that have stone floors that create beauty and elegance and then some people choose to go with hardwood or even a tile that are common in many homes. The options that you have when it comes to stone floors can seem endless. You have all kinds of stone from travertine and slate to marble and granite to name a few major options. The other aspect that you get to look into is the coloring that comes in each of these types of stone. Then you want to choose how the stone is cut and what shape and size you want for your home. Lastly you need to decide on a finish that you are happy with, whether that is smooth or textured and if you want to have shine or a matte finish. When you have stone you have to be sure that they are cared for and cleaned properly. One issue that some people seem to have is that the stone starts to look foggy or cloudy. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what can cause your natural stone floors to become cloudy or foggy.

Improper Installation Causes Haze on Natural Stone

When the stone that you have chosen is to be placed in the house there is a process that must take place to ensure that they are placed properly. The stone has to be cut and fit in the house and installed with the right tools and equipment. When the stone has been completely installed in the house it has to be cleaned properly. There is going to be debris in the stone from the installation that cannot remain on the flooring so that the next step can take place. After the stone has been cleaned the stone has to be sealed and that is when you can start to see an issue. If the stone has not been cleaned and the sealant has been placed it will not be able to adhere to the stone. This means that you will not see the finish that you want and the stone can start to look cloudy in some areas which is not balanced.

Wrong Cleaner Makes Stone Floors Look Cloudy

The next thing that might occur is once you have the stone installed in your house and you start to take care of it on your own. You might think you can clean it the same way that you clean a standard tile floor but that is the mistake. The stone has to be cleaned properly and if you are cleaning it with regular cleaning solutions it can start to create build up that looks cloudy and foggy. The issue is not with the stone but the way that you are cleaning them. The best thing you can do is to have a professional out to clean and polish the floors on your behalf. Then you want to ensure that you are using a cleaning solution that is good for the stone that you chose.

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