How to Remove Hardened Tree Sap & Other Sticky Adhesive Stains from Tile in Canyon Gate, NV

Being the lifeblood of trees and carrying nutrients from the roots to the branches and foliage, tree sap comes in two forms, xylem and phloem. From a Christmas or ornamental tree, sap is the annoying and sticky goo that leaks onto your indoor and outdoor tile flooring. Soap, water, and elbow grease are not enough to remove tree sap from your tile, and it can potentially make the problem worse. Without causing damage, it is possible to remove tree sap from your tile floors and today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share how, along with other gummy spots on your tile.

How to Remove Tree Sap

1) Directly onto the sap stain, set a bag of ice cubes or frozen vegetables. For 10 to 15 minutes, let it sit. To make it easier to lift from the tile, the ice solidifies the sap.
2) Being sure to avoid pressing down hard on the scraper and causing damage to the tile, scrape the frozen sap off the tile floor with a plastic paint scraper.
3) For any remaining sap residue, examine the flooring. Using a light coating of automotive lubricant, spray the residue. For 10 minutes, let the lubricant penetrate the residue.
4) With a soapy rag, wipe away the automotive lubricant.

Using Sudsy Water to Remove Hardened Tree Sap

1) With warm, soapy water dampen a clean cloth.
2) Let the heat and soap soften the substance by placing the damp cloth over the tile.
3) With the cloth, scrub the surface. Try scraping the substance with a spatula or old credit card, if the substance still clings to the tile. You can scratch the surface so avoid applying too much pressure.
4) With water and a clean cloth, rinse the surface well.
5) Use a dry cloth and wipe the tile dry.

Removing Dried Adhesive from Tile

1) Within a small pan or in a bowl placed in a sink with warm water, place approximately 1/2 cup of white vinegar to warm it.
2) Into the vinegar, dip a clean washcloth or a cotton ball.
3) To ensure the vinegar does not alter the surface finish, test a small, inconspicuous area on the tile.
4) Let the acid soften the substance after you cover the gummy substance with this cloth or cotton ball.
5) To remove the gummy resin, rub the surface with the cloth. Try scraping with a spatula or credit card to lift up the residue to remove stubborn residue.
6) With a clean cloth, rinse and wipe away the residue.
7) Use a clean cloth, dry the tile.

How to Dissolve Chewing Gum from Tile

1) On a low heat setting put a blow dryer.
2) To warm and soften the gum with a blow dry.
3) With a spatula or credit card, scrape off the gum.
4) Using equal parts vinegar and water, wipe away the residue with a cloth or cotton ball soaked in the solution.
5) With a cloth, rinse and dry the tile.

Using Vegetable Oil to Remove Sticky Spots from Tile

1) To cover the gummy substance, apply just enough vegetable oil. It can be difficult to clean up later, avoid using too much oil.
2) To let the oil soak into the substance, wait a few minutes.
3) With a clean, damp cloth, scrape if necessary and wipe the mess away.

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If you are having a problem with sap or other contaminants being removed from your tile, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration and let us assist you.

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