Professional Cleaning & Sealing for Stained Tile & Stone Countertops in Las Vegas NV; Granite, Marble, Quartz & Soapstone

Most people look at the kitchen when they decide if they love a house or they hate it. Floors, cabinets and especially counter-tops can have a huge impact on someone that is looking at purchasing or renting a house. The old tile counters are in the past and now everyone wants a beautiful counter top. There are many choices when looking at one and Silver State Floor Restoration has the run down on each. We are the expert in each kind of stone & tile countertop and what it takes to have them cleaned and polished. They take a lot of wear throughout normal daily life and natural stones can be damaged in the process. Small scratches and stains can be buffed out and shined back to the original look. You can also look into them being sealed professionally to keep stains from setting in and causing the counter to look old and messy.

Silver State Floor Restoration has some of the top countertops that are used in homes and that home owners call to have polished and sealed on a regular basis along with their stone floors.

Cleaning Granite Countertops: This is a natural stone and is found in lots of homes across the United States. This is the most popular option and is a great choice due to the longevity of the stone itself. It comes in a lot of different hues from grey to green to red and black. You can find one that fits what you are looking for and have it installed. The granite like any stone counter can be damaged and needs to be polished and cleaned professionally to keep it looking its best.

Cleaning Carrara Marble Countertops: This is a beautiful choice if you like a nice warm look in your kitchen. The issue that some people have with this stone is that it is a bit softer than granite and in turn will scratch much easier. It also means that any spills and stains can become embedded deep in the stone and make it hard to remove later. This is a counter that you want to always use a cutting board on and also have it polished and cleaned professionally so that any scrapes that you might have can be corrected.

Cleaning Soapstone Countertops: This is a great option and should be used more often. This natural stone comes in a whole series of grey hues and is very smooth. The finish on this stone is matte and lacks the shine that a granite or marble has. The great thing about it is that even though it is a natural stone, it is not effected by acids such as spilled coffee or orange juice. It is naturally heat resistant. This is a great option and may only need a small amount of professional cleaning and polishing.

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