Tile & Grout Cleaning: How Best to Clean, Polish & Seal Natural Travertine Stone Floors in your Las Vegas NV Home or Business

If you have natural stone travertine floors in your home, you know they can lose their luster over time. The stone is not naturally a shiny floor and can get dirty and stained easily. The stone is porous and that means when something is spilled on it, the stone tends to allow the spill to settle in more than on a manmade tile. When you start to notice that the travertine floors are looking dingy and dirty it may be time to have them cleaned, polished and sealed. This will bring back the vibrancy of the colors of the natural stone and add a shine to it that has probably been lost. This is also a great way to have your stone floors lasting longer. Another added benefit of having the stone floors cleaned professionally is they can get those hard to reach stains that have started to settle in. They can buff out and polish many areas that have caused you concern.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration has everything that you need to know about the travertine tile and grout cleaning, polishing and sealing process.

Travertine Tile and Grout Cleaning: The first step to restoring your natural travertine stone floors is to have them cleaned. Just like any tile or stone floor, a professional like Las Vegas Floor Restoration can come out and use a specialized soap that will clean the floors and get deep down for any stains that have started to set in. The cleaner is safe to use on the floors and will not damage it in any way. They also have a large machine that can be pushed around larger areas to help in the cleaning process. If you have a smaller area, the technician will take care of it with a hand held device.

Travertine Tile and Grout Polishing: After the floor has been cleaned correctly and professionally, you can have it polished. This is where you will notice that the shine will come back into the floors. The shine will wear down as time goes on since the stone floor is not a naturally shiny object. The shine is from the polishing brush that is used to basically buff the floors to add that layer of shine.

Travertine Tile and Grout Sealing: Having your hard floor sealed is a great way to keep stains from setting in and getting in the pores of the stone. The floor restoration technician will be able to apply a finish to the floor that seals in the cleaning and polishing that was done previously and to stop new damage to the floors from happening.

If you have a natural stone travertine floor and want it restored and looking like new, give Las Vegas Floor Restoration a call today!

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