Tips to Keep Commercial Tile Looking Good in Sunrise Manor, NV; Clean Spills, Seal & More

Tile is a durable, beautiful option for flooring in residential and commercial applications alike. It is easy to clean, maintain, and repair. With the versatile options, it can fit in any décor. Keeping it looking amazing in a commercial setting can be a challenge with the public’s foot traffic and spills all contributing to daily abuse. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share a few hacks to keep your commercial tile looking marvelous.

Immediately Clean & Remove Spills on Tile

Frequent messes are unavoidable on commercial tile flooring. Uncaring customers that don’t care what mess they make often customers track around dirt, spill beverages, and leave food everywhere. Cleaning up spills, dirt, and other residues and debris is best done immediately. Particularly things like soda that can leave a sticky mess that attracts dirt. Spot cleaning throughout the day can ensure the tile looks good all day.

Invest in Quality Tile

As a commercial business, it can be hard to do replace the tile on a whim, however, if ever given the opportunity, you should invest in quality tile for your commercial space. When it comes to tile, in most cases, you get what you pay for. In the grand scheme of things, the costlier tile can stand up to the abuse and time, being more cost-effective in the long run. The cheaper options will require more repairs as the experience additional wear and tear. The messes are usually easier to clean, making the higher quality tile easier to manage.

Seal Tile & Grout

Sealing is an important attribute on most tile. It serves a protective barrier to prevent excess moisture, dirt, and debris from seeping in the tile and grout. This allows it to resist stains, water damage, and other detriments. Damaged and dirty grout immediately make the room look gritty and grungy, even if it is otherwise immaculate. Harsh cleaners not only damage the tile and grout as well as diminish, and over time and use the sealants wear down. Sealants must be reapplied every 6-12 months or so, depending on the use and maintenance. Ensure your commercial tile is professionally cleaned before you have them apply the sealant.

Scheduled Tile Cleaning

Even applying the above steps diligently won’t keep the tile and grout glistening. Before too long the grout looks dingy and the tile it gets unsightly. Routinely scheduled professional cleaning can ensure your tile is always ready to impress. Restoring your tile like new again is simply done with assistance of the specialists of Silver State Floor Restoration. Be sure to schedule routine cleaning every 6-12 months or more frequently if necessary, to keep your tile and grout maintained. It is still essential you clean up spills and spot mop and dust mop daily, but professional cleaning can keep the tile and grout in your commercial venue looking gorgeous.

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When you need your commercial tile and grout cleaned, sealed, and even polished, the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration is happy to provide these important services to help keep your business looking good and ready to impress. Call us today to get started!

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