What is the Best Thing to Clean Deep Tile & Grout Lines & Remove Stains in Silverado Ranch, NV?

For those who have tile and grout that needs to be thoroughly cleaned, you may be looking for ways to better clean your home tile and grout. Both tile and grout can be a major challenge to clean especially those with a lot of oil greasy grime or soap scum attached to them. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how you can clean your tile and grout.

Clean Surface of Tile & Grout

When cleaning your tile and grout your first step is to clean the surface. Whether you are cleaning tile floors, countertops, or the walls, sweep or wipe them clean and free them of any particles. When cleaning tile and grout, start with the grout line as they will make a mess on the tile.

Clean Grout Lines

To clean grout lines you need to mix together ½ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of dish soap. With your mixture use a spoon to carefully apply the mixture to the grout lines. Leave the cleaning mixture on the grout lines for ten to fifteen minutes. Using a tooth brush or a grout cleaning brush, scrub at the grout lines. Do not over scrub the grout as you can damage the grout. After cleaning the grout lines, wipe away the cleaner and then prepare to clean the tile.

Deep Clean Tile

To clean the tile you will want to prepare a slightly different mixture. Instead of the previous ingredients you will want to use hot water with a few drop of dish soap. Using a sponge or mop, apply the cleaner to the tile. Leave the soapy cleaner on the tile for five to ten minutes. Then use plain hot water to clean the surface of the tile. If the tile has soap scum or hard water stains you can use white wine vinegar. Use half vinegar to half water in a spray bottle and mist the tile down. You should leave it on the surface for fifteen minutes or so. Afterward, clean the tile off. If that fails, consider seeking professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Remove Stains from Tile & Grout

Removing grime, hard water deposits, or soap scum is not an easy task and often they require more intense cleaning. A professional tile and grout cleaning service can help. They have powerful cleaning machines and strong cleaning solutions that can effectively remove the tougher grime on the tile and grout lines. Along with cutting through the toughest of grime they can do it far quicker and with less effort. They don’t need to scrub grout lines with a brush. They have a steam cleaning machine that scrubs and cleans grout and tile at the same time. It seems like a lot of effort to clean tile and grout lines when you decide to do it yourself. Before you begin scrubbing away at your tile and grout, have a professional cleaning service come and help you clean your home’s tile.

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